SSE Artwork Gallery

Om Power

by Hasini


by Aditi

Happy Mother's Day

by Nivi

Come just one step forward

by Aditi

We are always surrounded with illusions and false images in our lives. At times like these, you should be aware of yourself and reach out towards god by taking one simple step.

God will no doubt answer your call and pull you towards true peace.

Love God

by Isha


by Jayashree

When you take one step towards me

by Sreeja


by Kishore

Oh LOrd! Prayer

by Jahnavee

O Lord, take my love, let it flow in full devotion to Thee;

O Lord, take my hands, let them work incessantly for Thee;

O Lord, take my soul, let it merge in perfect Oneness with Thee;

O Lord, take my mind, let my thoughts be in tune with Thee;

O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument for Thee

We live here and no where else

by Prajnana

Sai You are....


Kindness to Animals

by Neha